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seven ava design

Seven Ava Design is the outcome of 2 decades of experience of a group of experts in architecture, interior space arrangement, furniture design, and production.

The design of our products are the reflection of the visual, sensual, psychological, mental, and physical senses. The result is functional, comfortable, and practical products.

This vision has created comfortable, practical,and attractive products. The materials used are of the highest quality and structural strength. All products are handmade by expert craftsmen.

Green eco friendly Bamboo Panels from Moso Company in Holland are used for the production of our furniture. Our products satisfy our clients’ needs in a smart arrangement in the space they occupy.

The design makes the products simple to assemble and disassemble for ease of transportation. All products undergo strict quality control tests. Seven Ava Design is a creative and research oriented entity. Its innovative approach is to integrate our cultural aspects with state of the art material for its products.

Our clients’ requirements are the basis framework for our designs. Using this approach, we have been able to gain the ability to offer a wide spectrum of services in furniture design, production, and interior space arrangement. Our clientele includes residential, commercial, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and libraries.

Our innovative thinking and expert workmanship is the foundation for the creation of our products:

Research: Analysis of the effects of cultural, social, technical, and spatial interior design and compiling and publishing the illustrated results.

Design: Interior design and furniture arrangement.

Production: Furniture and interior space fittings.

Consulting: Interior space design and furniture and the fittings placement in the living environment.

Implementation: Interior design projects, planning, and execution.

Our mission is to create a delightful and practical living environment.

Nahid beryani architect

Nahid Beryani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1966. She received her undergraduate degree in architecture from the College of Fine Arts in Tehran University in 1992. She has been cooperating with with consulting and engineering offices in Iran since 1986. She has been working with the House of Seven Moons since its inception. At the present, she is the studio (atelier) and operational manager for the company.

She also has close cooperation with the “Architecture of Changing Times” group.






Bijan Shafei architect

Bijan Shafei was born in Mahabad, Iran in 1960. He graduated from Alborz High School in 1978 and received his undergraduate degree in architecture from the College of Fine Arts in Tehran University. From 1979 he began cooperating with consulting engineering offices in Iran, at the same time working on his own design and construction projects. He established his own architectural firm, the House of Seven Moons Co, in 1992.

The “Architecture of Changing Times” group was established in Iran in 1993. He is one of the co-founders and directors of this group.

At the present, he is the managing director of the the “House of Seven Moons Co. He is also member of board of the Society of Iranian Architects, and board secretary of the Cine Arch Society of Iran.



These Services are offered for a period of 10 years at an extra cost :

    - Transportation

    - Repair and Spare Parts

    - Assembly and Installation

    - Fabric Selection and Installation


Bamboo Furniture Care :

    1.Do not use any plastic covers or decoration on the wood surface. Plastic damages the bamboo wood over time.

     2.Clean the furniture ONLY with chlorine-free water, damp cloth, and liquid soap.


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